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Chemical engineers reiterate commitment to production of antibiotics, others


The National President, Nigeria Society of Chemical Engineers, Mr. Saidu Mohammed, has reiterated the Association’s commitment to the production of and other pharmaceutical products.

Mohammed said this at a briefing in Lagos, ahead of the 51st annual conference and 50th anniversary of the association with the theme, ‘Chemical Engineering and the Changing World.’

He noted that for a country to develop beyond trading activities, there was the need for a manufacturing base approach to creating job opportunities and other economic benefits.

“Chemical Engineers have made so many important contributions to society, in such a short span of history. It is hard to visualise modern life without the large-scale production of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products, fertilisers, agricultural chemicals, polymers for biomedical devices, high-strength polymer composites, syntheric fibres and fabrics, protective coatings, and microelectronic devices.

“Chemical Engineers have made our industries to function with environmental control technologies; designed and developed processes to make semiconductors, magnetic and optical storage media’ and established modern petroleum processing. All these technologies require the ability to produce the required chemicals and the base materials economically and with minimal adverse impact on the environment.

“Developing this ability and implementing them on a large scale is what chemical engineering is all about. The products that depend on chemical engineering come from the diverse array of industries that play a key role in our economy.

These industries include the traditional chemical and petroleum processing industries that dominated chemical engineering for over half of its existence, but they also include food and beverages, textiles, paper, rubber and plastics, ceramics, microelectronics, biomedical devices,and a host of others,” Mohammed said.

He added that the planned 2020 annual Conference and 50th anniversary of the society could not hold as a result of COVID-19 pandemic but a virtual seminar was held.


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