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Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today


“This year, my husband and I dropped a truth bomb that we weren’t attending any Thanksgiving activities with unvaccinated people,” Ethan Zachery Scott, who lives in Los Angeles, wrote. “That quickly alienated us from almost every family event. Instead, we’re spending the day with close friends and going to see ‘House of Gucci.’ Honestly, this is probably the best outcome I could have asked for!”

Aniyah Zachery, 13, lives in San Francisco. “With everything that’s been going on these past years, I haven’t gotten to see my family a lot,” Aniyah wrote. “This year, family members of mine with the vaccination will be able to attend our Covid-safe dinner.” Aniyah added: “Not only will I be able to reunite with my family, but I will also be able to fill it with love, joy and laughter.”

Not all the kids in Gwen K.’s family are old enough to be vaccinated, and some have not yet received both doses. “So this year, after our annual Thanksgiving football game with friends, our family is gathering at noon (hopefully the warmest part of the day) outdoors for a modified meal,” wrote Gwen, who lives in Haverford, Pa. “We are serving turkey sandwiches.”

This year, Cathy, who lives in Vancouver, Wash., plans to have a meal, maybe with some at-home Covid tests as an appetizer. “I’m not even asking who is vaccinated,” wrote Cathy, who is fully vaccinated and got a booster. “I figure everyone who wants the shot has gotten it, and each can make their own decisions about risks of gathering.”

“Last year I got Mexican takeout and watched the sunset from beach chairs on the beach in San Diego with a friend,” Sarah Mearon wrote. “The rolled tacos were great, but I’m looking forward to a hone-cooked meal this year.”

Christine Owens, a teacher who lives in St. Johnsbury, Vt., is on the fence about whether to fly down to Virginia to see her brother and his family. “Should I risk the health of my family to travel for a meal with 15-plus family and friends from all over the country?” Christine wondered. “I asked my brother if he was asking guests about vaccines or getting tested before traveling. He thought that was ridiculous. I’m starting to get more anxious than excited about the trip and I don’t know what to do.”

Pat Miller, who lives in New Jersey, is planning for a big celebration again. “After being by ourselves last year, my husband and I will now be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with our children and grandchildren, due to vaccinations and at-home rapid tests,” Pat wrote. “That’s a lot to be thankful for.”

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